Ästhetische und Plastische Chirurgie
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Expertise in Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is a matter of trust. You are in good hands and you have professional expertise and personal care.

Before any surgical procedure, we sit down with each client and discuss their questions and expectations in great detail. We attach great importance to the preliminary discussion, because we would like to know as much as possible as to what it is that troubles you about your external appearance, what you would like to correct and how you imagine the procedure to be. You will be shown, using drawings, photographs and with the aid of a mirror, how the procedure will be carried out and what result you may expect. Your anatomy and the condition of your tissue will be analysed, enabling us to inform you in detail about the possible corrective measures available. A discussion of the potential risks also forms part of an indepth consultation.

You may combine the surgical procedure with a short stay (one to four nights) in the discreet and stress-free environment of the Ramada Hotel. The operation is carried out at the start of your stay. On the day of the operation, you will be intensively monitored by specialist staff. The subsequent regeneration phase is spent in the exclusive hotel ambiance. You will receive round-the-clock medical care in your hotel room from Dr Kipfer and the qualified nursing staff. The procedures are performed under sedation with supplementary local anaesthesia, that is to say without a full anaesthesia. This enables us to minimise risks and shorten the healing time. The flat-rate operation charge includes all medical procedures and expenditures.

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