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Medical Skin Repair

Medical Skin Repair, this is our professional and complete medical treatment for your perfect skin. A well cared-for skin is the epitome of beauty. A wealth of stateof-the-art medical techniques are available to help you achieve it. Mesotherapy is a holistic, intensive medical anti-aging treatment of the deeper skin layers of the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

After the gentle preparatory microdermabrasion, pharmaceutical-medicinal nutrients, so-called cosmeceuticals, plus various other high-tech material such as collagen and hyaluron are injected into the skin using a highpressure oxygen device (Oxy-Jet). The effect is immediately apparent. A mesogun is also available to deal with special cases. With the latest Limelight laser (IPL), couperose and pigment irregularities on the face, neck and décolleté and on your hands are minimised without scab formation.

Other optimum techniques for the removal of pigment spots, couperose and wrinkles according to need are radiofrequency technology, chemical peelings (Easy-Peel) or the ultimate Pearl Laser. The Pearl Laser is ideal for gentle cosmetic treatments of the entire face, and is also perfectly suited for intensive peeling of lips or eye creases. The skinrefreshing, tautening and rejuvenation treatments are individually planned and applied. They may also be freely combined with other techniques such as wrinkle-fillers or operations. Continued treatment on your return home is vital for sustained results. To help you there, we always stock the latest scientifically tested medical-pharmaceutical products.

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