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The Face

The first fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, incipient angry furrows on the brow, drooping corners of the mouth, lip creases, bothersome chubby cheeks, excess skin around the neck – these and many other problems are what bring people to us.

And no matter where and how the experiences of life have come to manifest themselves on your face, we will prepare a targeted and individual personal therapy plan for you. Wrinkle fillers (collagen and hyaluron) and peelings (chemical and laser) can be carried out quickly and lead to delightful und remarkable results and improvements.

However, many changes do not lend themselves so easily to lasting correction with these techniques. Minor procedures, such as liposuction on a double chin or the removal of bags under the eyes provide lasting results after a relatively short convalescence. This is because the actual cause of the problem zone can be tackled and removed with a single operation.

You should allow for up to two weeks’ convalescence after a facelift.

The combination of surgical procedure with skin-rejuvenating treatments leads to especially effective and attractive results. Here achieving a natural result, conserving full facial gestures and expressions as well as respect for your individual personality are of the utmost importance. The list of procedures represents a sample of the many correctional operations available.

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